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1960??s Premier Twin - 8 Guitar Tube Amplifier Chassis Harmonica USA

Honolulu, Hawaii, 968**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


pppppppppppppppppppppppspanspanspan1960??s Premier Twin - 8
Tube Chassis Only
Made in USA
I purchased this amp decades ago and never got around to fixing it up. I understand from the seller that these have become very popular for harmonica players and as a small amp for practice. It doesn??t come with tubes, knobs and any other parts you cannot see. We are selling this AS IS for restoration or parts. We do not know if it is working but it does look like everything is intact
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Control panel from a Multivox Premier E-781 Scroll Guitar Japan 1960's NOS

Van Buren, Arkansas, 729**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


This is a very Rare Multivox Premier E-781 Scroll guitar Control panel from Japan, dating back to the 1960s. It is in new old stock condition and is perfect for vintage guitar enthusiasts. The panel is made for guitar players who want to achieve a classic sound that cannot be replicated by modern equipment. The brand is well-known in the music industry and this item is a must-have for serious collectors. The control panel comes with all the necessary components and is easy to install. Get your ... more