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Gibson Nashville Tune-o-matic Bridge, Nickel

Authentic Gibson Replacement Part. Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge offers un-notched saddles with individual saddle screw retainer clips, and a wider footing for increased intonation range. The stud and thumbwheel are also cast directly onto the bridge, allowing the Nashville Tune-o-matic to slide directly into place. more

Gibson Truss Rod Cover, Blank

Authentic Gibson Replacement truss rod cover Fits Gibson guitars Made of ABS plastic and has no inscription Includes screws for installation more

Gibson Historic Knob Pointers, Nickel

Each set of four Historic Knob Pointers feature a shape and angle that is accurate to the original pointers used in classic Gibson guitars. Specially designed to replicate the original parts used by Gibson in the late 1950s. The tip comes to a sharp point and is set at a straight up-and-down, 90-degree angle. Authentic Gibson Historic Spec series part. more