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Guitar & Bass parts: Gibson Grabber bass parts

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Gibson Ripper / Grabber / G-3 Bass Tuners 70s



Vintage 1970's Gibson G-3 Bass or S-1 BRIDGE Pickup 5 41



Gibson Grabber G-3 Style Bridge Saddle Height Screws

Phoenix, Arizona, 850**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Gibson Grabber players know that the saddle screws suck. They're too long, razor sharp, and hard to adjust. I decided there's gotta be a better way! And now I'm sharing that with you. $10 bucks is a lot for some screws but it took me several hours to figure out what is needed, plus trips to the hardware store and when I found the screws, I had to buy 100 of them so that's how I got into the screw business. Let me save you some time and energy - buy me a beer (my $6 profit) and I'll ship ya some ... more