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Epiphone guitar parts

Epiphones have been produced in numerous factories in the USA and worldwide. From 1930 to 1953 they were made in New York, then in Philadelphia until 1958 when Gibson bought over the name, and continued making Epiphones in their Kalamazoo plant. For parts from this period, see also the Gibson guitar parts section, as numerous components, bridges, pickups, tuning keys etc, were identical to Gibson parts of the same period.

Epiphone produced some very fine instruments, particularly in the 1950s, and their 60s guitars are every bit as fine as their Gibson equivalents. Although some models have been largely forgotten, others, such as the Casino, Sheraton, and Rivoli bass are well known for their part in the story of modern music.

From 1970 Epiphone production moved to Japan, then, in 1983 it moved again to South Korea, where they are still produced today. A few early eighties Epiphones were made at the Gibson Kalamazoo plant and again these used mainly Gibson parts. Many of the current models are less-expensive versions of Gibson classics; Les Pauls, SGs Flying Vs and so forth - again check the Gibson guitar parts section if you are looking to upgrade components.

We specialise in:

  • Vintage Epiphone / Gibson guitar parts
  • New Gibson guitar parts (great for upgrading the less expensive Epiphone hardware)
  • Non-Epiphone upgrade / replacement parts

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Allparts Chrome Humbucker Bridge Pickup for Gibson/Epiphone® EB Bass PU-0419-010

Current price: $29.55
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Allparts Chrome Humbucker Neck Pickup for Gibson/Epiphone® EB Bass PU-0416-010

Current price: $34.55
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#2142 Genuine Epiphone Guitar Part ACPNHCB-4 Humbucker OEM Pickup Bridge 4-Wire

Current price: $28.99
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#2126 Genuine Epiphone Guitar HOTHB8B Humbucker Probucker Pickup Bridge 4-Wire

Current price: $28.99
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Time left: 9d 21h 56m
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